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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

'Til Death Do Us Part: How to Leave A Legacy, Not a Burden

"But in this world nothing can be said to be certain, 
except death and taxes."- Benjamin Franklin

Talk about death, and your family and relatives would either shun from the topic, or suspect you for having an ulterior motive. Planning for "life after death"may seem like a scene in the heavens, but on the practical side of things, especially if you are to leave this world with a family, don't you think it's rather appalling that our loved ones will be left with matters unsettled?

With unmanaged obligations and decisions hanging,  it'll be quite ironic to actually be told in the future that you can "rest in peace."

You may say that the Philippines is still apprehensive on the thought of estate planning, whether they be personal or real estate properties in nature. The thing is, whether you are from the old-rich sector with a vast investment portfolio, or a simple couple who's worked hard to invest on a house and lot, our government treats us fairly - everyone lives, and dies, paying taxes. Almost all of us own something, or will have some sort of asset in the future, so we should believe that estate planning is in fact, leaving a legacy rather than a burden.

In this seminar, participants will walk-through the process of settling for estate tax settlement, and filing and processing for deed of donation. Using a workshop-type of training, the students will learn to fill up forms, perform their own computation estimates, and be taught with strategies based on different property scenario.  

Our speaker and PRC-accredited lecturer is Mrs. Sonia Santos, General Manager of Blue Stone Realty, a documentation and registration firm based in Marikina City. She has been in the real estate field for more than 30 years, and is the go-to woman of clients with the most complicated real property documentation problems. 

As an expert in estate tax settlement, she has mastered the tricks of the trade when it comes to handling even the hardest cases, like unsettled estate tax for decades, cases with legitimate and ilegitimate heirs, and many more. She will also share her experiences on the different cases she handled, most of which her presence was particularly important in the meeting of the minds of the once-fighting family members. 

Finally, learn on tax avoidance techniques through estate planning like donation, which is a process that is unpopular yet very powerful. 

To reserve, contact Tricia at 9417929/09174996544, or email us at cesacademy@cesson.com.ph.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

PRC releases NEW list of Appraisers for Registration WITHOUT Examination

The Professional Regulation Commission announces the schedule of the initial registration for those who have qualified to be registered without examination as Real Estate Appraisers pursuant to Section 20 of R.A. 9646 and Board of Real Estate Service Resolution Nos. 1, 2, 18, 19, 20, 30, 31, 35 and 36 series of 2014, approved by the Commission.

Registrants are advised to proceed to the PRC-Registration Division (Ground Floor, PRC Main Building, Morayta, Sampaloc) in Manila on April 1 - 3, 2014 for their initial registration. The certificates of registration and professional identification cards will be distributed during the oath-taking ceremonies.

Click here: What are the requirements and procedure in applying for initial registration at PRC?

Below are the resolutions with the names of the appraisers for registration WITHOUT examination:

Friday, March 14, 2014

Goodluck to all 2014 Broker's Examinees!

How To Apply for PhilRES Membership in Good Standing (C-MIGS)

For more information visit their website, www.philres.org.ph 

As 2014 begins, it is expected that real estate practitioners who registered way back in 2011 will now be coming back to PRC to renew their licenses. 

From the experience of our past students who were able to renew last year already, the license will actually be given to you right away... well, maybe wait for 30 minutes to an hour. But at least, you don't have to come back to get it as it will be released right after your renewal procedure.

In a glance, the following are the requirements you need to prepare for the renewal of license:
  • Passport-sized photos with nametag on white background
  • Original and photocopy of any government ID
  • Original and photocopy of PRC license
  • Surety bond (premium worth P20,000.00 valid for 3 years, obligee: PRC and HLURB for broker; PRC for appraiser; no surety bond for consultants, assessors and salespersons)
  • Notarized Continuing Professional Education (CPD) certificate from a PRC-accredited CPD provider
  • Certificate of Membership and in Good Standing from PHILRES
Questions would arise on the last two requirements, and we will try our best to answer them. This blog/article will be a work-in-progress, for two reasons: 1) We are still waiting for the Protocol Guidelines for renewal of licenses that PRBRES has promised to release; and 2) We have emailed to PhilRES Admin a set of questions to clarify some portions of their membership guidelines.

A few months ago we posted an article on the Revised CPD Guidelines, as explained in PRC Resolution 2013-774. We mentioned there that, as a PRC general revision, CPE requirement for 42 professions will be reduced from 60 to 45 units/hours; however, PRBRES has verbally communicated that they will retain their 60-unit CPD requirement to their practitioners, once this "Protocol Guidelines" is released. 

UPDATE: Until now the protocol guidelines have not been formalized, and many practitioners need to renew already. Thus, PRBRES will submit to following the reduced requirement of 45 units, until further notice.           

As always, CES Academy promises to provide the best service possible, so we consistently seek for updates from PRBRES, CPD Council, and the Standards Division of PRC. 

During our submission of seminars for accreditation, we are always advised of new updates/changes, and recently, we have been told that CRES/CPD providers can only credit a maximum of 7.5-8 units/hours per day (versus the former practice of 10 hours per day). That is why our CPDs are down to 15 units/hour per module, or 2 days per module. (Check our upcoming CPD this March 29&30.

YES, the Certificate of Membership in Good Standing (C-MIGS) from the Philippine Institute or Real Estate Service Practitioners (PHILRES) is required by PRC in order to accept our renewal requirements. 

The following must be completed:
  • Copy of PRC Certificate of Registration
  • Copy of PRC ID
  • 2 pcs. passport-sized colored photos with name tag
  • Filled up PhilRES Membership Form - Download here.
  • Deposit of P500 for the membership fee
    • PhilRES, Inc Account No. 000-550-166-858, BDO Boni Maysilo Branch (Mandaluyong City)   
    • Write the applicant's complete name and PRC license number on the deposit slip 
  1. Download and fill up the membership form.
  2. Complete other requirements/documents stated above. 
  3. IF BY EMAIL: Scan all documents and email to: philres_office@yahoo.com, aesphilres@yahoo.com, jgtopacio@yahoo.com, remramirez@yahoo.com.
  4. IF BY ORDINARY MAIL: Bring/deliver to PhilRES Office, 8F RGV Center Bldg, 5470 Pres. OsmeƱa Highway, Makati Cigy
  5. Every month there is a cut-off date for all applications, and a release date for all processed C-MIGS. For this March, the cut-off date is MARCH 17 (Monday), and the release date is MARCH 28 (Friday).    
Yes, the list of formalized local chapters are below.

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