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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

15-hour CPD: Documentation and Registration Workshop


The after-sales of any real estate transaction is what we call the process of documentation and registration. In this series of seminars, we will touch on various opportunities a real estate broker/company may consider while he learns the most systematic way to execute, say, a basic title transfer on sale, lease, mortgage, donation and estate planning. One can charge a minimum service fee of P20,000. Learn how to maximize this aspect of real estate. For your reference, Please see our course outline below:

Course Outline:
  • RESA Law Updates; How to Renew Licenses
  • Preview of BS Real Estate Management Course
  • BIR Documentary Requirements (Case Studies and Computations)
    • Sale of Real Property - individual transaction
    • Sale of Real Property - corporate transaction 
    • Donation of Real Property - individual transaction
    • Estate Tax (Inheritance) - individual
  • Register of Deeds Documentary Requirements
    • Deed of Sale
    • Deed of Donation
    • Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate
    • Cancellation of Section 7 RA 26
    • Judicial Partition
    • Issuance of New Owner's Certificate of Title
    • Notice of Levy, Execution or Attachment
    • Cancellation/Release of Mortgage
    • Notice of Lis Pendens
    • Certificate of Sale (Foreclosure)
    • Lease Contract
    • Reconstitution (Administrative)
    • Partition Agreement
    • Mortgage
    • Affidavit of Consolidation
    • Consolidation (Levy/Final Bill of Sale)
    • Pacto de Retro Sale
  • Land Registration and Related Laws
    • History of Land Registration in the Philippines
    • Torrens System of Land Registration
    • Land Titles
    • Modes of Acquiring Ownership
    • How to Get OCT
  • Pitfalls in Buying Real Estate
  • Pitfalls in Real Estate Brokerage
Learn this and other income opportunities in our Documentation and Registration Workshop!
Join our 15-hour CPD this January 13 and 14, 2015. 
Earn units for your license renewal, at the same time, 
discover another possible source of income for you!

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